• The Old World vs. The New Normal

  • The old world of pre-2020 is gone and it's never coming back.

    We are now in a historic transition period.

    This means there's a lot of danger to both your health and wealth.

    Sociopaths from Washington to Brussels to Davos to Beijing are dreaming of an authoritarian "New World Order".

    They want to turn you into a mind-controlled, bug-eating slave that owns nothing.

    Guess what? This future is also not going to happen.

    The entire system will get flushed and the old guard with it.

    The scamdemic with the push for a "Great Reset" has done a lot of damage but overall, it failed to bring about this "New World Order".

    That's why now, the new psyops is war in Europe.

    How this will play out is uncertain, but one thing is for sure.

    It will put even more pressure on the old system and force change.

    Existing regimes almost never survive major periods of upheaval.

    And what lies ahead is a period where absolutely everything is going to change.

    We are entering a new social order.

    Many of the old puppet masters are octogenarians.

    Klaus Schwab is 84. Henry Kissinger is 98. Joe Biden is 79. Nancy Pelosi is 82.

    The list goes on.

    The wheels of history keep turning. Power is slowly shifting towards digital-native millennials.

    The legacy financial system is about to expire.

    The debt supercycle is coming to an end.

    Fiat currencies are entering a death spiral.

    This will be a golden age for hard assets.

    Decentralized technology is eating the world and the Blockchain Ecosystem is rising.

    This has many implications...

    After the initial chaos subsides and crypto hits mass adoption, we'll see a Second Renaissance.

    The crypto revolution is your ticket to a prosperous future.

    If you get positioned now, before it becomes the new standard.

    Immense fortunes will be made by a few.

    Will you be one of them?

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