• The Ultimate Dissident

  • A dissident is someone disagreeing with something, typically an opinion or belief.

    Ubiquitous connectivity and digital technology have given rise to a new class of dissidents.

    They are the people that disagree with the status quo where they live but instead of whining and complaining, they take action.

    They simply pack up, and leave that troublesome place in search of greener pastures.

    These dissidents defect from a nation-state.

    Depending on how you count, there are at least 195 nation-states on this planet that you can choose from.

    Your initial location is simply an accident of birth.

    Often, these dissidents are called "digital nomads" but you don't have to live a nomadic lifestyle to become a dissident.

    Anyone can go where circumstances better suit your personal preferences.

    But becoming a dissident is not enough. In order to thrive and prosper in the future you need to go one step further.

    The ultimate dissident rejects the notion of a nation-state all together.

    The ultimate dissident rises above and becomes a sovereign individual.

    After all, what are borders but arbitrary lines drawn on a map?

    Becoming a sovereign individual is especially crucial in times of war.

    In other words, right now.

    The young and stupid are now being manipulated into becoming cannon fodder.

    And the uneducated masses are being manipulated into choosing sides.

    A sovereign individual sees through this false duality.

    The ultimate dissident doesn't play this game.

    Instead, he protects himself in two ways:

    He physically moves away from danger to a safe, resilient location.

    (Selected locations in South America come to mind....)

    Secondly, he protects his assets from inflation and confiscation.

    The best way to do this in this day and age is with cryptocurrencies.

    Cryptos form a parallel financial system that is permissionless and censorship-resistant.

    It's the way of the future.

    To not have at the very least a part of your assets in well selected cryptos today is negligent.

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    To sovereignty and serenity,

    Marco Wutzer