Doug Casey in May 2018:
Doug Casey in November 2022:
Worth every penny. I've been a member of Project Serenity since it's inception and I've already made back 3 times what my initial investment was. I don't have the time nor knowledge to do the research like Marco does but am more than happy to support this project because I'm getting world class insights into the best and most profitable picks. My top 2 are already up 357% and 210% and the market has been moving sideways for months. Can only imagine where they'll skyrocket to once Bitcoin takes off again. Get your membership now, you won't regret it.
Pat Collins
I’m a busy silicon valley executive and although I am deeply passionate about the future of the blockchain & crypto ecosystem, i have little time to do the deep research i would need to do before putting my money to work in early stage opportunities.  That said, i always make time and read ALL of Marco’s research. Marco’s focus on infrastructure, platforms and interoperability are foundational to key drivers of value, like usage & adoption.  Few projects will survive long-term and i trust my portfolio to Marco to find the future Apples, Amazons, Facebooks for Web 3.0  Today, i have a substantial amount invested in his recommendations and have seen extraordinary gains, frankly, unlike anything I’ve ever experienced i the stock market; and we’re just getting started. I highly recommend a small, equal allocation to every recommendation and learn by reading his research.
Matthew Flynn, San Jose CA
I have been following Marco’s work since before the Serenity Project, and I hold every one of his recommendations.  I like his big picture view of how blockchain will change the world; I share his ideals.  He can dive from the big picture to the detail. He explains the technical side of each recommendation in a clear, understandable way and how it will contribute to the blockchain revolution. He also discusses the business aspect of each recommendation and why he thinks it has a good chance of large-scale adoption.
Above all, I always get the sense from Marco that, first and foremost, he is not a salesman but a genuine enthusiast excited by the technology and its
world-changing potential.  And he wants other people to come on the journey with him. I am glad to be one of them.
Michael Bailey
Project Serenity provides deep insight into crypto projects that allows investors to understand all facets behind each recommended investment and the thoughts on why each respective project could have significant upside.  Marco's ability to find true diamonds in the rough projects and provide a thoughtful analysis along with timely updates to his members is unmatched.  I have been following Marco's work for several years and am genuinely satisfied with the work he does and could not be more excited to ride out the next bull market as a member of Project Serenity.
Truitt Alday