• A Quadrillion Dollars Up For Grabs

  • The shift of the world‘s assets from the legacy financial system into the Blockchain Ecosystem is the biggest shift of wealth in human history.

    But where exactly do we find the biggest pool of money in the legacy financial system?

    Let‘s find out...

    All the silver in the world is worth about $66.2 billion.

    All the coins and banknotes in the world are worth around $6.6 trillion.

    The world‘s 2.095 billionaires together are worth about $8.5 trillion.

    All the gold in the world is worth around $12 trillion.

    All the companies‘ shares traded on the NYSE together are worth about $26.8 trillion.

    The total value of the world‘s money including all checking, savings and time deposit accounts is over $100 trillion.

    It‘s actually difficult to get accurate data on this because trillions of dollars of fiat currency units are being printed on a yearly basis - adding additional fuel to the crypto rocket ship.

    35% of all US dollars have been printed in the last 10 months alone!

    The United States of America has officially become a Banana Republic.

    And the European Union is not far behind, having created 1.85 trillion units of its toilet paper this year alone.

    The amount of debt globally stood at $257 trillion at the beginning of the year.

    I couldn‘t find any current figures but the total amount of global debt is certainly many trillions higher now.

    (By the way, this number stood at “only“ $169 trillion a mere 3 years ago! In other words, global debt has almost doubled in the last 3 years.)

    I think it‘s very clear we‘re coming to the end of the age of fiat currencies.

    And it‘s obvious what that means for hard assets and cryptos.

    Next, we have all of the world‘s real estate. It‘s worth around $282 trillion.

    The Biggest Pool Of Money In The World

    Lastly, we come to the biggest pool of money of them all: Derivatives

    A derivative is a financial instrument with a value that is derived from an underlying asset or group of assets.

    Typically the underlying assets are stocks, market indices, bonds, commodities, currencies or interest rates.

    The derivative itself is a contract between two or more parties.

    Notional value is the total underlying amount of a derivatives trade. The notional value of derivatives is much higher than the market value due leverage.

    Globally it stands somewhere between $600 trillion and $1 quadrillion.

    At $1 quadrillion that‘s equal to 15,105 times the world‘s silver, 117 times the wealth of all the world‘s billionaires, or 3.5 times the value of all the world‘s real estate.

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