A new social order is coming.

In 2008 Satoshi Nakamoto invented blockchain technology. A revolutionary new concept with profound consequences.

We are now witnessing the birth of the Blockchain Ecosystem and with it comes a giant leap forward for mankind.

Blockchains are a technological breakthrough that lead us to a historic inflection point.

They are as important as the invention of agriculture that gave rise to cities. The printing press that brought education to the common man. A harbinger of the Renaissance. The steam engine that gave rise to the industrial revolution and the internet that is connecting the globe.

In fact, blockchain technology is even more important.

Because it builds on all these previous technologies and leverages them to create a new social order.

One cannot overestimate the effects the Blockchain Ecosystem will have on the world over the years to come...

It fundamentally changes global commerce and communications.

It shifts power away from big corporations and governments to the individual on a scale never seen before.

Put simply, it makes the world a better place.

Because the Blockchain Ecosystem fixes a fundamental flaw in human society:

Gatekeepers and Middle Men.

Today almost everything you do or own is controlled by middle men.

Your money.

Your assets.

Your identity.

Your data.

Your job.

Your access to information.

All of this is about to change...

The Blockchain Ecosystem empowers the individual by removing control of assets, identities and data from corporations, banks and governments.

In the new world that is slowly emerging individuals are in control of their lives.

Centralized power structures give way to a decentralized and distributed world full of creativity and possibilities.

We are moving away from centralized platforms controlled by the few to global protocols controlled by no one and accessible by everyone.

These protocols are powered by blockchain technology.

They are censorship-resistant and guarantee access for everyone. They are immutable. Exchange of value and data is peer-to-peer. Without any middle men.

No third party can control, prohibit or interfere with your actions.

Individuals will become sovereign for the first time in human history.

The Rise Of The Blockchain Ecosystem

All these new protocols are connecting with each other, forming a decentralized and distributed network that is spanning the globe: The Blockchain Ecosystem.

The new fabric of the world economy. A global brain for commerce and communication.

The nature of money will change.

Fiat currencies like the Dollar, Euro or Yen are terminally ill.

They are based on thin air and have a history of failure.

All fiat currencies ever created have failed because they are fundamentally flawed. Politicians and central bankers manipulate them until they reach a point where they become useless.

We now have a superior solution at our disposal and it’s only a matter of time before it becomes dominant.

Cryptocurrencies are on their way to becoming a perfect store of value and medium of exchange.

Immutable. Censorship-resistant. Guaranteed by their decentralized and distributed nature.

We are not quite there yet. But soon we will have global, instantaneous transfer of value from anyone to anyone with perfect privacy.

The Global Restructuring of Human Affairs

The nature of work will change.

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) will slowly take over from corporations.

DAOs are like companies that live on the Blockchain Ecosystem. They have guaranteed rules and responsibilities and they reward their members automatically.

It’s impossible to tax or restrict them in any way. Because they have no headquarters. They have no bank accounts. They are self-sovereign decentralized entities.

Liquid digital marketplaces will emerge that allow anyone to trade any asset anywhere without restrictions.

Supply chains today are inefficient, bureaucratic and slow. The Blockchain Ecosystem will trim all waste and make them transparent, efficient and automated.

Factories and their machines and robots will connect to the Blockchain Ecosystem. Manufacturing will become available as a service on demand, fully integrated with global marketplaces and supply chains.

New social media networks will emerge that are free from censorship and manipulation.

They will replace centralized platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

Imagine all forms of social media in one feed personalized and customized to your preferences. And only you can choose what you share with whom.

No more harvesting of your personal data and selling it to the highest bidder. No more censorship and fake news.

Guaranteed free speech accessible by all.

What we call the “sharing economy” today with services like Uber and Airbnb will move to decentralized protocols. This shift will open access to anyone, remove restrictions and reduce fees close to zero.

These examples I just mentioned only scratch the surface of what is to come.

The Blockchain Ecosystem will become a global public infrastructure.

No one controls this system or access to it.

This changes everything.

It’s the most important mega-trend for the next decade and beyond.

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