Bitcoin is still relatively new and a bit complicated to use.

It’s absolutely crucial that you don’t make any mistakes or could lose your entire investment.

I’m sure you have a lot of questions and wonder how it all works.

That’s why I have created Crypto Quantum Leap.

A step-by-step video course that shows you how to get started with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies even if you have no clue about technology.

In this course I’ll teach you everything you need to know in simple easy to understand videos so you can follow along and profit from this historic investment opportunity.

Inside the Crypto Quantum Leap member’s area you’ll learn:

  • The 4 ages of money: Why we’re on the cusp of the largest financial transformation in history and why this is the biggest opportunity in your lifetime to create obscene amounts of wealth

  • The 3 functions of money. An imminent upgrade of blockchain technology will provide the last missing function. This will change everything and why you need to be invested before the upgrade takes effect.

  • A technological breakthrough: How a mysterious person solved a decade old cryptocurrency problem and created Bitcoin in 2008. Understanding this breakthrough is crucial for your long term success.

  • The one attribute any store of value needs to possess to survive and prosper and how blockchain technology makes this attribute available online for the first time.

  • The new possibilities cryptocurrencies bring along that will completely change how we interact with money and why it makes cryptos better than Dollars, Euros, Yen or other fiat currencies.

  • The unique network structure that makes cryptos different from online banking, Paypal or credit cards. And why this fatal flaw of the legacy financial system puts your money permanently risk

  • 5 crucial advantages of cryptos that set them light years apart from fiat currencies. Once you grasp these 5 concepts you’ll never want to go back to soon obsolete fiat currencies

  • The total supply of bitcoin and why there’ll never be crazy money printing and multi-trillion dollar bailouts so your investment never loses its value

  • The secret of Satoshis: Bitcoin’s divisibility is one million times better than US dollars. Why this enables Bitcoin to become the standard for anything from tiny micro transactions to billion dollar transfers.

  • Who really controls the Bitcoin network? The surprising answer and why this means everyone benefits from protecting the network (including your assets)

  • The truth about crypto ponzi schemes, how to protect yourself from them, and what makes Bitcoin entirely different

  • How anyone can simply copy Bitcoin but why it’s almost impossible to take away market share from Bitcoin for a very long time

  • The nitty gritty: How blockchains actually work - every step from your wallet, to sending a transaction, to the blocks that form the blockchain explained. So you understand the details even if you know nothing about technology

  • The differences between two types of crypto wallets. Learn which one is more secure and which one is more user friendly and when to use each one

  • Cryptography for laymen: Understand exactly how crypto wallets work, which cryptographic key acts as your blockchain bank account and which key you should never reveal to anybody or you’ll risk losing all your funds

  • What role the Bitcoin miners play and why they are so important

  • The 4 characteristics of Bitcoin mining that guarantees the network is available and cannot be censored

  • What determines which transactions make it into a new block on the blockchain and how to make sure your transaction gets included

  • How blocks are linked together to form the blockchain

  • How to check if a transaction is confirmed so you know when your funds have safely arrived

  • How blockchains agree over transactions while the database is distributed over thousands of computers all over the world

  • How bitcoins are created and how the bitcoin supply is going to develop over time

  • What a 51% attack is and why Bitcoin has a perfect security record

  • Why Proof-of-Stake might be a better alternative to mining and how exactly it works

  • Why there are many new consensus mechanisms in the Blockchain Ecosystem and 4 examples so you understand which other areas of your life might be affected by blockchain technology next

  • The key innovation Ethereum brought to blockchain technology and how it enables a whole new world of applications and investment opportunities

  • The best exchange for buying bitcoin. This is one of the oldest and safest exchanges that keeps annoying paperwork to a minimum and has some of the lowest fees in the business. (Using the wrong exchange can result in your money being held up for weeks or worse using an insecure exchange puts your money at risk from hackers)

  • Step by step instructions on how to open an account with this exchange so you can easily follow along

  • The essential security system you absolutely need to add to all your crypto accounts to keep your money safe from hackers. Plus step-by-step setup instructions so you can easily follow along

  • 3 crypto exchanges where you can also buy bitcoin that are good alternatives so you always can get rid of fiat currencies and buy bitcoin under any circumstances

  • How to determine the best exchange to use to buy any crypto token so you can get the best price and get your orders filled as quickly as possible

  • A common myth about crypto wallet exposed. This is an important concept to understand so you can always keep your funds safe

  • One essential security recommendation. Many crypto investors ignore this key issue that can lead to a total loss of funds. Don’t be one of them.

  • The absolute best wallet to use for crypto beginners. This wallet is safe, beautiful and easy to use.

  • How to backup your crypto wallet in case something happens to your computer so your assets are safe no matter what happens

  • Another wallet you’ll need because it supports almost all cryptocurrencies (even the ones the other wallet doesn’t support) and a unique way to use it that ensures maximum security

  • How to use a $6 device to keep your crypto assets extra safe. This is absolutely critical. Mistakes happen all the time. You don’t want to invest in this exciting new space only to lose it all due to a simple mistake.

  • 4 tools for Bitcoin and Ethereum that show you what’s actually happening on the blockchain

  • Where to go for help if you run into any problems with buying cryptos, sending transactions or using a wallet

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