• The Argentine Bicycle

  • Speculation is the art of exploiting distortions in financial markets for profit.

    Most often, such distortions are caused by government intervention in the natural, dynamic system that creates all the wealth on this planet: The free market.

    Today, I want to highlight one example from the history of Argentina.

    In March of 1976, military dictator Jorge Rafael Videla came to power. He  immediately appointed Alfredo Martínez de Hoz as Minister of Economy.

    Argentina’s economic minister José Alfredo Martínez de Hoz (left) and military dictator Jorge Rafael Videla (right)

    Martínez de Hoz was a Cambridge alumni from a wealthy landlord family, the head of several major Argentine companies, and a close friend of American billionaire puppet master David Rockefeller.

    Martínez de Hoz set out to dismantle Argentina's Peronist system.

    In 1979, Martínez de Hoz introduced an artificial system, regulating the exchange rate between the peso and the US dollar.

    This was known as la tablita (the little table).

    Because Argentina had large and ever growing foreign debt, la tablita overvalued the peso.

    This made domestic products noncompetitive with imported products, so thousands of Argentine businesses went bankrupt.

    However, smart speculators who understood the situation reaped massive profits with a simple carry trade.

    This is called bicicleta financiera in Argentina (financial bicycle).

    By getting low-interest loans abroad in dollars and earning exorbitantly high interest on pesos in Argentina, huge profits were made.

    All completely risk-free because the exchange rate was guaranteed by la tablita.

    And without any capital controls at all, these profits could then be freely moved abroad again.

    Basically, the wholesale looting of the wealth of the Argentine people, thanks to their own government.

    How is this story relevant today?

    The whole fiat currency system is one gigantic government manipulation of the currency market.

    Fiat currencies, backed by nothing, only exist because of government decree. They are unnatural.

    And this entire system is about to come down over the next few years.

    It makes the decade of the 2020s one of the most interesting in financial history.

    We'll see crazy volatility, geo-political chaos, and the failure of many currencies, sending entire countries to the poorhouse.

    All the while the solution is completely obvious.

    But most people are too brainwashed and distracted to notice.

    Cryptocurrencies are the antidote to the fiat money hoax.

    They could be your ticket to freedom and wealth.

    So,when the financial house of cards implodes, your wealth will skyrocket.

    Join the financial Noah’s Arc today, and you too can be on the winning side of history.

    To sovereignty and serenity,

    Marco Wutzer