• 3 Little-Known Factors That Will Usher In A Crypto Super Cycle

  • A perfect storm is brewing. Hardly anyone is aware of it yet. But the crypto market is getting ready to soar to new all-time highs.

    This might be the last chance for the average investor to make the crazy, life-changing profits the Blockchain Ecosystem is known for.

    Soon, we’ll see prices so high, few people today would believe it.

    We’re at a crucial inflection point right now.

    The first of the three factors that will lead to a massive crypto boom doesn’t even have anything to do with the crypto market directly.

    It has everything to do with the old fiat money system cryptocurrencies are replacing.

    The world’s major fiat currencies are about to simultaneously implode over the next three years.

    Here’s why.

    The planet is drowning in debt. Government bonds are in a bubble that is about to go poof.

    Between maturing debt and new deficits, the four largest central banks (the US, the EU, Japan and China) need to come up with $34 TRILLION dollars in just the next three years.

    Who is going to buy $34 TRILLION dollars worth of debt in the next three years?

    The answer is nobody.

    This spells unprecedented chaos and opportunity. Read on to find out what’s going to happen and how you can profit.

    The US is the largest debtor nation in history. The US national debt has risen by $1.2 billion per hour in the past 19 days. In just the last 3 weeks, US debt has increased by $500 billion.

    The US needs to roll over maturing debt and finance new deficits of over $12 TRILLION until the end of 2026.

    Traditionally, America’s largest trading partners such as China and Japan have bought a large amount of this debt.

    But both China and Japan are letting their current US bond holdings mature and are actively selling.

    The Federal Reserve itself is already buying 23% of its own debt. This number is about to go much higher.

    The European Union has a common currency but no common debt market. The EU includes many terminal debtor nations such as Portugal, Italy and Greece. Even the EU’s second largest economy, France, is in major trouble.

    Nobody wants to use Euros anymore in international trade. The market share of the Euro has fallen off a cliff over the last couple of years. And to round things out, the European banking sector is on extremely shaky legs with many bank failures on the horizon.

    Never mind the ongoing deindustrialization of Germany, Europe’s most important economy.

    Between glaring deficits and maturing debt, the European Central Bank needs to find buyers for $4 trillion worth of Euros over the next three years.

    Who’s going to buy this debt?

    Certainly not Japan.

    Japan’s debt to GDP currently stands at 263% - the highest of any G7 country.

    Japan has already reached the fiat currency end game.

    It’s called Yield Curve Control and it’s like chemotherapy for currencies.

    What this means in simple terms is that the Bank of Japan is buying its own currency in unlimited amounts to prevent the total implosion of Japanese Government Bonds.

    Nobody wants that toxic paper anymore.

    The Japanese Central Bank already owns 50% of all Japanese Government Bonds, even over 70% of some issues.

    This means the Yen is already in a death spiral and headed much lower.

    And Japan needs to find buyers for $2.4 TRILLION worth of new bonds to roll over maturing debt and finance its deficit over the next three years.

    So you can count on Japan continuing to sell their US treasuries. Wait, didn’t the US need to find buyers not sellers for $12 TRILLION of its bonds?

    We can only hope Japan doesn’t sell too quickly, causing a cascading failure of the entire global debt market.

    Good thing their neighbor is doing fine.

    Wait! No. That’s China.

    When it comes to national and local debt plus the country’s deficit, China will have to issue over $13 TRILLION in bonds over the next three years.

    So where does that leave us?

    Just between these four currencies, $34 TRILLION in new debt will be issued over the next three years without a single buyer in sight.

    This all but guarantees a gigantic money printing orgy of a magnitude never seen before.

    Most likely, all major central banks will print trillions of currency units in concert.

    And holders of cryptocurrency will cheer them on. “Make it rain!”

    The most advanced and most practical inflation hedge is bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

    That’s why the Blockchain Ecosystem will be the biggest beneficiary of this money printing madness.

    The market capitalization of the entire Blockchain Ecosystem is only $1 TRILLION right now.

    For comparison, there’s around $85 TRILLION in fiat money in the world right now.

    All the bitcoin in the world is currently only worth 18% of Apple Inc.

    Globally coordinated currency debasement is factor number one for a crypto super cycle.

    Let’s take a look now at the Blockchain Ecosystem itself.

    All technologies are going though an adoption curve that looks like an “S”.

    We’ve been through the early adopter phase and are about to hit the exponential growth part of the curve.

    Roughly speaking, we’ll grow from a few hundred million crypto users to 2 billion plus over the next few years.

    Of course, we can only get there if the Blockchain Ecosystem has enough capacity to support all these additional users and plenty of new apps and use cases.

    You’ll probably remember the network congestion on Ethereum in 2021 and the crazy high fees that came with it.

    I have personally spent several thousand dollars on transaction fees in 2021 alone.

    We can only reach the masses if there is abundant capacity and transactions are affordable for people, even in poor countries.

    This brings me to the second factor that will lead to a crypto super cycle.

    The infrastructure is finally ready for mass adoption.

    There’s an entire new ecosystem of so-called layer 2 networks around the Ethereum mainnet that has multiplied its capacity and reduced fees dramatically.

    Plus, there are many advanced new blockchains that will grow rapidly, gain market share and offer even more capacity and even cheaper transactions.

    But limited capacity wasn’t the only big obstacle to mass adoption in the past.

    Using crypto was too complicated.

    Dealing with private keys, seed phrases, gas costs and the like is confusing and intimidating. It created too much friction.

    If we compare this to the early days of computers, it’s just like when you had to download and install a driver just to get a printer to work. Today you simply plug in or wirelessly connect to any device and use it right away.

    The same kind of improvements are coming now to the Blockchain Ecosystem.

    We now have keyless wallets. All the complex tech stuff happens in the background. A new user can simply sign up with their email address or with a social media account.

    In other words, the user experience is much more similar to what people are already used to. The crypto world is getting ready for the masses.

    Frictionless onboarding of new users is the third factor that will lead to a crypto super cycle. Many newcomers initially might not even know they are using a blockchain. They are just trying a new app or social network.

    These three factors together will create so much momentum for the crypto market that we’ll see prices in the next two to three years that will be shocking to the average investor.

    Now is the time to get positioned for maximum returns.

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    To sovereignty and serenity,

    Marco Wutzer